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Dear Socisurvey team!

I have 72 resumes, 6 per pages, asking my participants to rank them. I have done the pilot on some of my friends and they reported that the experiment is boring. I decided to show 36 resumes to one group and 36 resumes to another group randomly while the order is rotating as well. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with programming. Would you please help me to do that?
I really appreciate your help.

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I assume, you have the sets of "6 per page" stored in separate questions?

In that case, I recommend to use a random generator to draw 6 out of your 12 questions (sets). This also ensures a rotation of the sets and avoids showing the same sets together in all interviews (which might cause systematic biases).

If that is waht you like, you will need a random generator, and a little PHP code, using loopPage().

I am not familiar with programming.

No better time to get started :) We will help you here in the online support.

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