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I am using the lottery opt-in e-mail collection and in English, the page works fine. In German, however, there are a couple of inconsistencies.

First, in the English version, there is an opt-in only, while in the German version, the option is to opt-in or not opt-in. Second, if the respondent chooses "nein" to not opt-in, the email box is opened anyway. This is very confusing for the respondent. I can fix the first issue by changing the translation making it a question, but the second issue is not something I cannot see how to fix.
Thank you for your help.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s136449 (110 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

It seems like you have confgured the "nein" manually - because the opt-in question only supports to display different "yes" options.

Please set the editing mode of your survey project to "German" and then edit the question to see what texts are configured. If that does not solve the issue, I can offer to create an administration login for the project and take a look at the question myself. I would, however, need your explicit agreement for that, the URL of the questionnaire and the ID of the respective question.

by SoSci Survey (154k points)
Your feedback was perfect!  When I switched the language, as per your suggestions, I was able to see the problem and fix it. Thank you very much!