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Hi I have some videos in my questionnaire that do not exceed 33 seconds. Yet when I am pretesting the questionnaires the videos load slowly that makes presentation problematic and also response to the questions also problematic. Is there any solution to this?

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Where are the videos stored (SoSci Survey or external, if SoSci Survey: public storage or protected storage?), how large are they (MB) and what Internet connection did you have during the test?
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It is stored in SoSci and public storage. The videos are 2 one 13.2 mb and the other one 25.7mb. I was on wireless but not sure on the speed of the internet. Should I advise the subjects to have ethernet connection? Will this solve the issue?
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> I was on wireless

If the connection was not extremely bad, 25 MB should not be a problem... And the video should start playing after a few MB have been loaded.

Have you checked that the videos were encoded with web-compatible settings? There are different variants of the content of a mp4 file, and some variant may require the player to load the whole file before it can start playing...

If you work with Chrome or Firefox, please open the developer tools, and have a look in the "network" tab so get additional information on the timing.
by s155692 (120 points)
The videos are in .mp4 and I tried them in chrome and safari. I will check on the variants....if you know of a source i could find these info it would be great.
by SoSci Survey (304k points)
mp4 is only a container that could contain very different content. You can get lost, if you start on that topic ;)

We had good experience with encoding the files by https://cloudconvert.com/ with the default settings.

> The videos are in .mp4 and I tried them in chrome and safari.

Trying is good, but also try the developer tools, disable the cache there (a checkbox, so that the videos are actually loaded from the server) and take a look what you see in the "network" tab.
by s155692 (120 points)
Many thanks!

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