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Is there an option to include a "teaching" session when participants get feedback when they do right or wrong prior to the main rounds of IAT? For example like here: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/featuredtask.html

Thank you!

in SoSci Survey (English) by s090021 (120 points)

1 Answer

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As soon as the IAT at the above URL starts, I do not see any Feedback going beyond the red cross if something is assigned wrong.

If you mean this feedback, this it what the original literatur about the IAT describes and what the IAT on SoSci Survey implements. This feedback is mandatory for training and test rounds alike.

If you would like to include further explanations, you can do so in the questionnaire.

by SoSci Survey (139k points)
Thank you!

No, I am talking about a different thing: when respondents (not the questionnaire designer) sees when he responds correctly and incorrectly. In this session, respondents are learning how IAT works and what are the expectations from them. Usually, this "training" block is included as a part of the main session, before the main blocks.
For example like here: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/featuredtask.html
In the literature, it is also called "Forced error correction ".
Yes, this is the default in the IAT - and this is in all blocks, not only in the training blocks.
I am sorry, but I think you incorrectly understand my question.

  "Forced error correction " cannot be implemented in all rounds because what would be the point of randomization then? The idea of the training round before the main ones is to teach participants how to work with this survey element so that in the main rounds their responses will not be skewed by not knowing what they are supposed to do in this survey.

This is a super-critical component of IAT, as well it is discussed in the major studies on IAT as an important preparatory round before the major ones. Because one needs to make sure that he can isolate the effect from “pushing a button not knowing what to do in the survey” from “implicit attitudes”. Otherwise, responses will produce a mess that cannot be interpretable.

In the link I posted earlier in the IAT part of the survey you will have a training session that explains you what to do (I am not talking about the instruction, because written instructions proved to be not enough to explain people what to do in the IAT).
I think we are talking about the same: If you push the wrong button, you see a red cross, and must push the right button in order to continue. Right?

If that is not what you mean, please describe in detail what the respondent shall see.
Right! Exactly, thank you!

Could you please guide me on how to activate this function? Or will it appear only when I buy an add-on?

Thank you again for your responses
There is no IAT module in the free version, but you can enable a free 7-day trial in the shop (www.soscisurvey.de/shop/). After buying the implicit methods module or enabling its trial, please create a new question "IAT" in a section of your choice.