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The variable STARTED refers to "Time the interviwee opened the questionnaire" but it consists in a value of five numbers (i.e. 22028). How do I have to interpret this value?
I've tried to convert it into a date on Excel but it turns out to be a date in 1960, which is impossible.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s156365 (110 points)

1 Answer

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Probably something went wrong when you imported the data. The variable STARTED is a date, and is exported as this.

If you work with SPSS, R or Stata, SoSci Survey will tell those programs what format it is. If you work with Excel, it is usually also recognized correctly. But if not, you may have to tell the program the correct format during the import.

Which program are you using?

by SoSci Survey (139k points)
I've imported the data from STATA to Excel but STATA doesn't recognize the date neither.

Actually, considering the day and the month of each date, values are consistent with the effective dates in which the survey was made. The only problem seems to be that it reports year 1960 instead of 2020.

Thank you for you answer.
Did you use the import script for Stata?

When importing to Stata, you have a CSV file - at least for some time. Would you mind taking alook into the CSV file by using a text ediutor (such as Notepad++) and see if the dates are correctly formatted there?

If you need the files in Excel, you can also use LibreOffice Calc for importing. It has a very good import filter that allows adjustments the the column types.