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I am looking for a solution that would enable a survey taker to create a login (that could be represented by a random number for example) and stay anonymous and be able to choose to take multiple surveys at different times, rather than be associated with an email address and be prompted to take a survey at a given time.

The reason behind this is to collect demographic info in one questionnaire and then associate that info with multiple studies later down the line while still maintaining anonymity and thus avoiding personal data issues.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s135735 (120 points)

1 Answer

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I am afraid, I do not fully understand your goal.

In general, you have the option to create a public questionnaire and simply ask for an ID on the first page (using a open-ended text question). You can also check this ID agains a list (using the database for contents) to validate it.

Does that go in the direction, you are considering?

by SoSci Survey (139k points)
Thanks for your answer. Say I create a questionnaire that collects the demographic info. At the end the user is given this ID. They then will have to remember it anytime they come back to take a new questionnaire? My goal is to have some kind of solution like yourmorals.org where one id (or even login) can be used for multiple questionnaires. I know a full website would make the most sense but then I run into more issues for personal data storage. I was hoping there might be some work around just using sosci. Or perhaps some middle ground embedding sosci into a closed site that requires a login and then the ID field is automatically populated when they login and take a new survey. Does this make more sense?
> They then will have to remember it anytime they come back to take a new questionnaire?

That is one option, although not a good one.

I would rather recommend to ask for their email address (using a "email to personal contact" question) that includes a link with a code they can use as often as they like.

Also see this manual: https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/doku.php/en:create:questions:email#partner_survey

The point in this solution: The email address is not stored :)
Ok. Would that solution generate a link to the original survey, but not any new one? How would it link the original info to a new survey. I am a little confused. Thank you for your help!
Please read the chapter I have posted a link above - and then just try it, yourself. The placeholder will make sure that you have the reference to the original questionnaire (it's CASE number).