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How can I create a response visual analogue scale which is not horizontal but vertical? I have tried uploading an image to do the scale, but the results impossible to match it with a correct bottom slider. Moreover, I cannot insert the labels for minimum and maximum in the right place.

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Regarding the labels, it may be the best solution to add them to the graphic. Any automated positioning of the labels has some weaknesses so far.

Every you have to do to make your visual analog scale (slider) work is to enter the proper positions for "minimum" and "maximum". You will see a preview below, so you can easily find out the correct values.

If you would like to see an example of a vertical slider, create a new slider question and choose the temperature scale from the graphics selection.

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Thank you very much! Another question: is it possible to insert two sliders one next to the other? I would like to register two different answers and I would like the scales to be next to each other in a unique item.
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Sure :) Please follow these instructions:

It may also work with a combined question, but that depends on the setting:
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Thank you! Do you know why when I use the function 'combine_items=yes' in the field PHP code in "compose questionnaire" does not combine the items, but just returns the item of the first question?
by SoSci Survey (308k points)
Hard to say without knowing the whole PHP code. You can post it here in the online support, but create a new "related question" (above) for that please :)

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