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I made my footer using html. It includes a logo. All is showing up nicely on all survey pages apart from the very first page on which you can choose between two languages by clicking on a flag symbol. Here the elements of the html code is showing as desired, the logo (png) however is showing as a broken image link.

Is there any way to correct it so it does show the logo on that very first page as well?

Many thanks.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s141123 (170 points)
My first assumption would be that you have stored the logo in the "proteced file storage" (resulting in a filename pro://...).

Could you please post the HTML code that includes the logo?
This is the code:

Cartography M.Sc.<br>University of Twente | ITC Faculty Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation</p><br><img src="pro://msc_itc.png" width="50%">

1 Answer

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<img src="pro://msc_itc.png" width="50%">

As already assumed above, you have stored the image in the protected file storage (checkbox before uploading the file).

"Protected" means the only people who are doing a interview will have access to the file. And only during the interview.

When the language is chosen, the interview has not yet begun. And when the "last page" is reached, it is already over.

The solution is simple: It seems that you do not worry to much about people seeing the image. Because they would only have to click the survey URL to see it. Therefore, just upload the image without setting the "protected storage" checkmark, and then remove the pro:// from the HTML code.

by SoSci Survey (130k points)