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Hello @all!

During my study I want to collect some data in format .bpmn or .svg. It is difficult to collect this data without using a database. One solution would be a submission possibility integrated into my Sosci Survey. Can this somehow be done? A simple submission button, where data can be uploaded and stored together with all the data from the survey?

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards

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The most simple solution would be to use an upload question. Respondents can then simply upload the files.

In the dataset, you will see a reference to the file (original filename and renamed filename).

And then you can download the collected files as ZIP archive.

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Thanks a lot! Since I´m pretty new to this: How do I ask an upload question, though? Sorry for the probably simple question...
by SoSci Survey (308k points)
Just click on "Add Question" and select the question typ "File Upload" (quite at the end of the list, in "Special Questions").
by s147122 (130 points)
Thanks a lot!

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