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Hi, I have troubles downloading data. I closed my project long ago and I thought I could download data later. Now I have info like in the screen shot I'm sending and when I try to download data there's nothing in it. I don't use spss but excel, I cannot conduct this research again and I don't know what to do now. Please help me...

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Our pricing (when choosing the postpaid option) depends on how many interviews you download, an how many variables these have. Therefore, if you don't download any data, you won't have to pay anything. The email to account the project, therefore, asks to download all necessary data before.

That's no problem, of course. It's the project "Ankieta Polfrost", is it? And it is correct that this was (at least partly) commercial, as it was registered? I have reset the accounting status, so you're able to download your data. After that we'll create the invoice, according to the downloaded data.

by s014569 (110 points)
Hi, thank you for prompt reply. The survey was partially commercial and I understand I have to pay for it, however I think I misunderstood something when setting it all up. Unfortunately I just checked the project now and it's still closed and I'm unable to download data. When I opened the survey after your response it showed me my billing data for approval and I clicked on that and now I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't have clicked that because it still says that project is closed and there is no available data to be downloaded.
by SoSci Survey (309k points)
Actually, SoSci Survey should have already known the billing address .. an the project should not be closed. New try. Can you login and download your data now?
by s014569 (110 points)
Now I got it, thank you!

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