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I am facing some trouble trying to implement a code and redirect link. The problem seems to be that SoSci does not recognize the systems generated code for a participant - which leads to a questionaire error. I have already tryed the readGet() function and also putting a transmitting variable on the first page.

My system does not use the ?r= function.

Any suggestions?


in SoSci Survey (English) by s075422 (145 points)
Could you please specify how the participant's code is sent to SoSci Survey (i.e., what does the Link look like that the respondent gets to start the questionnaire)?
the SoSci survey link is enbeded in our participant system (Sona-Systems). At the end of that link our participant system puts "%SURVEY_CODE%" to specify a specific code for each participant

1 Answer

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The panel provide will probably need an URL that they can give the respondents. This would be https://www.soscisurvey.de/PROJECT/?r=%SURVEY_CODE%

And in the redirect simply use %reference% instead of %SURVEY_CODE%.

If the panel give you this redirect for completes, for example...


Then use this PHP code:

by SoSci Survey (222k points)