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Instead of having each statement of my Likert Scale in a seperate question (Picture 1), I would like to have them bundeled all together (Picture 2). Can someone help me out with how to do that?
Thank you very much!

Picture 1:

Picture 2

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You can switch the display mode in your scale question under Detail Settings -> Layout.

I would recommend the "dynamic" option that looks like Picture 2 if there is enough space, but switches to buttons on small (mobile) devices.

by s138504 (120 points)
Thank you for your quick response! Unfortunately, there is no "dynamic" option where I am looking. Are we talking about the same question type? I use "Horizoltal selection". Is that not the right option for a Likert scale?
by SoSci Survey (304k points)
Ahm ... no. Please use a "scale" question. This will allow you to include all items in one question.

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