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We're a panel provider and we're trying to modify our software so we can detect when a user enters a URL that points to a SoSci survey. Is there something in the URL we can look for to be sure it's using SoSci?

I know we can look for "soscisurvey.de" but I also realize some users host the software on their own servers. Is there a string of text in the URL that we can use to auto-detect that SoSci is in use?

in SoSci Survey (English) by s087665 (110 points)

1 Answer

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Well, no. The questionnaire's URL is simply the Host Domain plus a folder of their choice. There are some possible modifications, but they're only necessary for specific settings: URL of the Questionnaire.

To check if there's a SoSci server behind the domain, it will probably be necessary to run a GET on the domain or rather domain.com/admin/index.php (if this folder is not access-restricted to certain IP adresses).

I assume, your goal is to make the researchers' life easier? The researchers will have to do a few modifications in their project, anyway. And we planned adding some features for that next year (e.g., a way to store the redirect URLs into the project more easily). If you like, stay in contact with us (info@soscisurvey.de) and let's discuss what would help the users to create a seemless and effortless connection between panel and survey.

by SoSci Survey (267k points)