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Dear all,

I would like to send my survey by email to the participants so that they receive a unique link and only answer the questionnaire once. I have already made the necessary changes to the compose questionaries -> Settings -> Access restriction.
  I have also created the email I want to send to participants in invitation mailings—> Mailings. However, after that I don't know where to put the email list. I already tried to put in Specifiy individual recipients (when I click on the letter icon) but they say that the emails placed are not part of the project list. Where do I put the email list?

Best regards

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where to put the email list

This is Invitation Mailings -> List of Contacts (Panel)

However, according to the GDPR, you will have to sign a DPA before you can upload email addresses. Otherwise transmitting these personal data would be illegal.

So, if you cannot yet import/add addresses, and the form says "Agreement Required", you need to complete the form to sign the agreement.

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