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I'm aware this question has been asked a few times already, but after reading the answers to those questions we tried to implement the suggestions and keep encountering problems.

Our questionnaire contains one question (type: Schieberegler) that is supposed to have 121 items. Because this is not possible in SoSciSurvey, we divided the items across two questions (in our case 'HF06' (55 items) and 'HF07' (66 items), see code below). We would like to randomise the order in which those items are presented to each participant, and then display the items across a few separate pages (e.g., 4).

It seems like combining the items and randomising them is working, but when we try to display all questions (still on one page), the first two items are displayed correctly, but thereafter the Schieberegler isn't displayed correctly (instead of just a line where participants can select how much they like an item, 11 discrete circles are displayed on top of that line).

Thanks for taking the time! If it isn't too much work, I'd be very grateful if you could also provide the code for displaying the items across several pages. Thanks again,

The code is:

$items06 = getItems('HF06');
$items07 = getItems('HF07');

foreach ($items06 as $val) {
    $allQ[] = ['id' => $val, 'list' => 'HF06'];

foreach ($items07 as $val) {
    $allQ[] = ['id' => $val, 'list' => 'HF07'];


foreach ($allQ as $ques) {
in SoSci Survey (English) by s126923 (110 points)
You are really sure that (a) you are not cruel by making respondents work through more than 100 slider items and (b) that it is necessary to have them fully rotated, instead of showing one block (question) on two pages and the other block (question) on the net two questions?

The reason for my question is this: Rotation (not randomization in that case) is sometimes considered a general solution for item-order effects. However, few users consider that their test won't run with a indefinite number of respondents. And using an unrestricted rotation that allows for a great number of orders (definitely the case in your design) with a small number or respondents will favor systematic biases.

It is quite likely, for example in your design, that some items always appear on the first page.
Yes, we would like to rotate the questions fully and display them across a few pages as described. Responding to each item shouldn't take more than a few seconds, and a full rotation seems preferable to creating separate blocks for our study.
> and a full rotation seems preferable to creating separate blocks for our study.

I would bet you'd have a hard time to argue that statistically ;)

In that case, please give me a few days to solve the issue that showing multiple separate items from a slider question on a page does not yet work due to a JaaScript issue. Should be done by end of the week.

1 Answer

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The bug has been fixed: Items from the same slider question can now be placed separatedly on the same questionnaire page.

by SoSci Survey (252k points)
Thanks for dealing with this so quickly. We ran the study and it worked great. Thanks again!