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(I am in Germany and do speak German but I thought I might increase my chance of getting a quick answer by writing my question in both, German and English:))

even though I bought access to s2survey.net weeks ago (and my account info sais that I'm authorized), I have not yet figured out how to open the page and log in. Whenever I type in the link, my browser (I tried three different ones) automatically changes it to soscisurvey.de.

The only link I can open (which I found via Google) is https://s2survey.net/DSGVO and now I'm wondering if the only way to log in on the Pro Server is signing an AVV contract even though I/ we don't want to collect personal data.

Thanks very much in advance!

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(I am German as well, and SoSci Survey is located in Munich)

I have not yet figured out how to open the page and log in.

This is deliberate. The user account and all projects are managed on www.soscisurvey.de. You can create (there) projects for s2survey.net in your user account and log in to these projects there (at that moment you switch to the pro server). After the logout you will automatically return to www.soscisurvey.de

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