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I used a horizontal selection, and inserted images and text as options.
I want the third option cannot be chosen.
But this HTML code didn't work. What's wrong?

document.getElementById("TQ03_03").setAttribute("disabled", true);

Thank you

closed with the note: Solution: Single and multiple choice questions use slightly different HTML IDs for the inputs.
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> But this HTML code didn't work. What's wrong?

There are several possible error sources. First thing to check: If the HTML code below the question? Is the ID TQ03 correct? If it is not that, would you mind posting a pretest link directly (!) to the page?
by s126860 (165 points)
I checked the position and question ID. There are all correct.

The options need to be disabled are in the latter part of questionnaire.

Hier is the pretest link:
Password: pretest

Thank you.
by s126860 (165 points)
This code works for zoom selection, but invalid for horizontal selection.
Is it need to be modified according the question type?

<script type="text/javascript">
document.getElementById("TQ03_03").setAttribute("disabled", true);
by SoSci Survey (310k points)
I am sorry to say: You are working with an outdated version of SoSci Survey. This does not yet allow to create a link to a specific page.

In this case, please create an additional questionnaire in the project and place the respective question and the HTML/JavaScript code there.

> Is it need to be modified according the question type?

Probably yes, maybe "TQ03_03" has to be replaced by "TQ03_03a", but I cannot tell for sure unless I see the question in action :)
by s126860 (165 points)
wow "TQ03_03a" works!!
I'm truly grateful for your help!
Thank you so much! !

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