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I want to use the "Assignment" task in my questionnaire. But before wanted to read some basic literature about this type of question. Is there any you could recommend? For example I am searching for advantages and disadvantages of this question type and for prominent examples using this kind of measurement in their publication.

Can you recommend some reading about that?

Thank you very much in advance and kind regards,

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If you are not aware of literature, you shall ask yourself: Why do you want to use this question type in your questionnaire? The question shall always be the instrument to measure a concept, not l'art pour l'art.

There is a lot of literature about latency measures in psychological tests and surveys. To some degree it is related to the implicit associaten test, which is a bit more complex (known wrong and right responses, and having several test blocks with different combinations). It depends on your goal how to use the assignment task in that context.

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