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I want to measure reaction times of subjects. There is not a correct or incorrect answer of the subject (different to the classic IAT). I would like to show just two different concepts (e.g. Cat vs. Dog) and words which can be associated with both (e.g. sweet). The subject is asked to order this word "sweet" as fast as possible to the subjectively more suitabale category. This process I want to measure the reaction time. Is that possible to do with the IAT tool within the implcit measurement tools in SoScie Survey?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help on this.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s110744 (190 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

The question type "Assignment" should do what you describe. It is available by default (no need for the "implici methods" add-on).

by SoSci Survey (130k points)
Thank you very much! That helped a lot :)