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I would like to add a can't-answer-option to a scale like in this image: https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/lib/exe/detail.php/de:create:scr.question.tabscale.5.png?id=de:create:questions.

I've tryed this by combining a scale with a selection-question. However, now I can't use the option that users have to answer the question, because both the scale as wall as the can't-answer-selection-question would have to be answered.

So, how do I add a can't answer option as in te image above to my question?

Thanks a lot!!!

1 Answer

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by SoSci Survey (312k points)

Just open your scale question and enter something in the "residual options" input. You find them just below the inputs for the regular options/labels.

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