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Hello all,

I want to ask about the some changes in my online questionnaire.

The questionnaire is actively on the field now. However, right now the participants can not see the real question like this in the example. They are supposed to choose the years and countries they have lived so far but yesterday I discovered that the question isn't there.It looks like that. The project started almost 80 days ago and it was very well in the beginning.
I have another section with the same javascript layout and again the question doesn't appear there as well. I didn't do anything and thought it might be because of internal disorders???

I need to fix this to get the data from this question :(( Thanks for your help...

***strong text***

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Hello, to be able to help you should post your syntax of the question which does not appear. Also the picture above is pretty small...
by SoSci Survey (316k points)
Yes, it looks like a bunch of dropdowns. However, I don't think that a larger image would help much.

Maybe you want do share a pretest URL for the questionnaire that opens the relevant page? https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/doku.php/de:survey:pretest

You're also welcome to add Code to your question. That would make it much easier to understand the issue :)

If the respondents do no see anything at the moment, you should take a look into the JavaScript console. And please also check, if you have multiple questionnaires below "compose questionnaire". Maybe the wrong one is starting.
by s099039 (180 points)
Thanks for the reply. I think the easiest solution for me is to put pre-test link here :)


Choose English language version and you will see the page with a problem :)

There is supposed to be a question there like: Please tell us where you have lived more than 12 months....

The question used to be there but two days ago, I noticed that it is gone and also the other page with JavaScript in the questionnaire has the same question disaappear problem :(
by SoSci Survey (316k points)
Hmmm ... seems that is no "Please tell us where you have lived...". And my first impression is that it is no JavaScript problem.

Where should this text come from? What contents do you have on the page, when opening it in "compose questionnaire"? I support some text element with the ID "05". What else? Possibly a question without items?
by s099039 (180 points)
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I created this question with text element and when I open the page in "compose questionnaire" part I can see text element there. The strange thing is that I didn't touch the questionnaire. I have two seperate but same questionnaire running online in the field now. The two questionnaires have exactly the same format but suddenly this problem (disappearance of the question) happened last week :(( These two questionnaires seperately has the same problem. I thought it sth from the system that's why I decided to ask for online help...
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If one questionnaire contains the text and the other does not, you should explicitly set (and confirm) the deault questionnaire in the menu option "compose questionnaire" -> "questionnaire management".

If that is not the case: Would you mind if I created an administrator login for your project and investigated the disappearing of the text element? You said that it is still there in "compose questionnaire", yes? On which page?
by s099039 (180 points)
Thank you very much for your kind help. Please feel free to access as an administrator to my account. As long as the data is fine, you can always access. Because the collected data is a hard work of 3 months, please be careful about it :))

You will see two questionnaires in my account and please check the pages Page 05 (Migration)  and Page 18 (Education journey part) in both questionnaires. They have JavaScript but no questions are there. There used to be questions because the previous participants answered but suddenly they disappear in both questionnaires.I have no idea of what happened!

If you want to add the original questions:
For page 05 (Question 12)= (eng) Please tell us where you have lived (12 months or more)from as early as you can remember.
(tur)=Hatırladığınız ilk zamanlardan itibaren (en az 12 ay olmak üzere) nerede yaşadınız ya da nerede yaşamakta olduğunuzu lütfen belirtiniz.

For page 18= (eng) What did your education journey look like?
(tur) Eğitim hayatınız nasıldır?

If you want to put these questions back to their place, I copied them here for you...

Hope you will fix the problem, thank you very much!

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Thanks for the additional information and the administrator login.

The problem was that the title was not created with a text, but with a question that had an item (text input), but was set to display no items via display-items: none.

A recent update simplified using the selected items from another question by not showing a question, if it had items, but did noth show any. This update was a bit too busy, also hiding questions with display-items: none. This has been fixed, your question title is back :)

by s099039 (180 points)
Great great :) Thank you very much for your help and I am so happy that my questions are back...

have a great day,

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