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I have used it for Mturk survey completion code. I found some codes are drawn several time.

question('RG01');  // You may as well drag the RG01 into the page (above)

// Stop right now, if no more codes are available
if (value('RG01_CP') > 0) {

// EITHER Prepare placeholder %code%
// and use this placeholder in some text element below the PHP code
replace('%code%', 'RG01', 'response');

// OR display the code immediately
html('<p>Your Mturk Survey Completion Codes is: <strong>'.value('RG01', 'label').'</strong>.</p>');

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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1 Answer

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Please open the question RG01 in the list of questions. For the codes that have already been used, a 1 should be in the list right of the codes. And then they should not be used an more.

Please also make sure that Type of drawing is set to "Equally distributed" (only this one, not "Equally distributed in finished interviews"). This is the default setting for the question.

by s080681 (125 points)
Thank you for your quick reply!!

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