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Hey there,
I just finished my questionnaire and am looking to adapt it for a particular pretest.
The questionnaire features the randomization of a picture straight after the introduction and the randomly assigned picture is rated throughout the 5 following pages.
Now my struggle: A small number of participants is supposed to repeat the questionnaire 100 times - to rate every picture in my pool. I'd like to put in a loop to only ask them for demographics after they've completed all the ratings. Is that possible?
Thank you so much in advance!

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> I'd like to put in a loop to only ask them for demographics after they've completed all the ratings.

Are we talking about 100 repeats per respondent (rating every images, but becoming crazy over the taks)? Or a smaller number of repetitions?
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yes, it is about 100 repetitions, and i know it's a hard thing to ask but these are the instructions i got (it's also a small number of selected participants that are rewarded to complete the pretest).

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yes, it is about 100 repetitions

Okay ... poor respondents ;) So, the main issue here is that you need a lot of variables. If there's only one answer/item per page, then we're talking about 500 data points per respondent.

There are two options for that: Do it in one interview, or start the same interview (without the demographics, of course) over and over again. I strongly recommend to read the manual on multi level structure before you continue.

When using the multi-levle solution (which will be much more appropriate for your analyses), then you need a main questionnaire, taking care to shuffle the 100 options. And the questionnaire (5 pages) that is run per option. Please feel free to ask additional questions when you get stuck with one or the other.

by s116759 (125 points)
Thanks a lot for your answer!
I tried to wrap my head around the multi level structure - then decided to go for the second option you proposed. Wish me luck handing it in to my prof haha.
by SoSci Survey (309k points)
I would really, really recommend the multi-level structure. If you opt for a flat data structure, you'll swear throughout all you data analysis ;)

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