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dear Mr/Ms,

we are organizing some questionnaires in Farsi (Persian language) which is similar with the arabic alphabet in writing.
however, the system doesnt numberize our questions in the questionnaires. we tried so many hard in different setting sections and options but we cannot solve the problem.
as by changing the Windows font to the Farsi languege, only the writing alphabet is changed and the Windows doesnt change the number fonts from Latin to the Arabic style, is it possible thats why the system doenst numberize questions for us?
would you please help us to solve the problem?

best regards,
Fahime Taheri

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I assume, you selected the language "Persian" in SoSci Survey ("per"), is that correct? Is that always Farsi? I must admit that my knowledge about languages is quite limited and if "Farsi" was the better label, then we shouldchange that.

Regarding the numbers: How does numbering in Farsi work? Is it a traditional decimal system and only the numbers are different (than I would just need the numbers 0 to 10, please) or is it more complex?

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Okay, based on some very basic information about numberin in Farsi, we gave it a try for questionnaires with language "per" = "Persian".

However, we will still need some more input: I assume that the number is not separated by a dot from the text? And again the question from the above comment how to label the language properly?

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