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0 votes

Could you advise whether it is possible to do the following:
- Participant responds to question A and her answers are recorded
- Participant is confronted with some other questions/stimuli
- Participant is presented with answers to question A and is able to change them. The changes are recorded A'.

Basically, I am trying to measure a change in opinion after confronting participants with certain stimuli.

I will be grateful if you could advise whether it is possible to achieve.

Thank you.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s090165 (145 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

No problem ... you need value() to read the first answer, and preset() to set the first answer for the second question.

If page 1 asks the text input item AB01_01, for example, and the answer should be presented on page 3 (question CD01), then put this PHP code on page 3 above the question CD01:

$answer = value('AB01_01');
put('CD01_01', $answer);

You can also use this on selections etc. However, you will need at least one line per variable, or - if yu have more than 3 variables - you should do it with getItems(), id() and a FOREACH loop.

by SoSci Survey (79k points)