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I am setting up a multi-wave survey with one questionnaire. I love this platform. It has been fairly easy to do this. I have it mostly all working but I would like to send an email at the end that will function as a payment voucher and will need to include the values of some values given during the survey.

The privacy mode is pseudonymous. I have sucessfully used mailResume to invite the participants for the multiple waves.

The problem I have is that the mailSend function seems unusable. It would be perfect because it takes up to five arguments which I can use to format the email content with the customized values. Unfortunately it seems not to be able to send an email automatically to the email associated with the participant. There also does not seem to be a way for me to get the email to pass it as an argument.

The mailSchedule function seems like a good substitute as I can pass the "false" parameter and automatically have the email sent to the survey participant, but it does not seem to take the optional arguments.

Is there away to generate mail with contents that include passed variable in this scenario ?


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The mailSchedule() function can only include those custom data that are alread stored in the address entry.

I have sucessfully used mailResume to invite the participants for the multiple waves.

Great, then use mailResume(), again. It allows for custom placeholders. And if you omit the %link% placeholder in the email, there will not be any link to actually resume the questionnaire. Not exactly what the function was intended for, but SoSci Survey is so powerful for just such options ;)

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I will try that. Thank you for your very quick reply.
by SoSci Survey (309k points)
If it does not work, we have to consider options to add custom data to the mailSchedule() function...
by s108637 (205 points)
It worked perfectly.  Thanks again for your help.

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