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Hi everyone,

I cannot change certain parts of my questionnaire when I use translation assistant.
Example is here:

In the first question: I want to change "from-to and in country" words but I couldn't.

The same problem as well in the second question: I want to change red parts and "from-to and in country" words.

Your help will be appreciated. Thank you!

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Depends a bit on how you have creates these questions.

The easiest (and translateable) option would be to create the dropdowns by using a "scale" question and set the layout to "dropdown". Then create a combined question from the 3 (first example) or 4 (second example) questions.

If you have create this question with placeholders, then you did a lot of copy & paste. Well, not easy to maintain, but still manageable. In this case, you have some HTML code - either directly in the questionnaire, or stored in a text element. If you have not yet stored it in a text element, you should move it there. This will make translation much easier.

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Thank you very much for the answer.It is in both php code and html code format.
In php code : question('BI39', 'show-items=no', 'spacing=10'); prepare_input('BI18'); prepare_input('BI19'); prepare_input('BI20');  prepare_input('BI21'); prepare_input('BI27'); prepare_input('BI33');  prepare_input('BI22'); prepare_input('BI28'); prepare_input('BI34');  prepare_input('BI23'); prepare_input('BI29'); prepare_input('BI35');  
and for the html code I used this :

<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">   <colgroup>     <col width="22%">     <col width="18%">     <col width="22%">   </colgroup>    <tr>     <td>from: %BI18%</td>     <td>to: %BI19%</td>     <td>in country: %BI20%</td>   </tr>   <tr>     <td>from:

I used this in the html part. When I move it to text element---->I used add new text element part but what should I write for the ID? Because it doesn't appear in the questionnaire :/
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> I used add new text element part but what should I write for the ID?

Choose whatever ID you like :) It's only important to use the same one in the text() function, if you choose not the simply drag the text into the questionnaire page.
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Thank you very much for your help! I chose any ID, it is PBI04 in my case :))
I created text element and then dragged it into questionnaire. You can see the result in the photo.
Well I am adding my codes and the final image in the questionnaire. Something must be missing :/ I edited the images above. You can see the final page.
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> You can see the result in the photo.

Well ... seems, you got it two times, now? You have removed the previous HTML code from the page, did you? Anything else on the page?
by s099039 (180 points)
Oh thank you very much :) I removed the html code section and the problem is gone :) Great great!! Ok, now I know how to work with text&elements. Technically I solved the problem but do you think that these changes can affect data collection? Do I need to arrange any further command? :/
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As I wrote above, a combined question might be much more straight-forward for your design. But by and large, your solution should work, now. However, there's nothing better than a technical function test to sleep better: https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/doku.php/en:survey:function-test

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