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Hi. I would like to offer participants the possibility to send the survey link to another person - from within the survey. With that I mean, in the last page they will see something like a textbox that asks for an email address (with validation). They can also send as many emails as they want. Also, every email contains the link of the survey and a small standard introductory text to fill out the survey.

This would be absolutely awesome!
Thank you.

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Option A: Don't do this on the last page, but add another page before that one.

An than just simply use a question Send Email to a Personal Contact.

Option B: Another option is to use a mailto-URL that contains some content:

<a href="mailto:?body=Click here to do this cool survey:%0D%0Ahttps://www.soscisuvey.de/EXAMPLE/">Click here</a>

This, however, will not work if the respondent uses a webmailer such as Gmail.

by s101702 (195 points)
Perfect! Thank you so very very much!!

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