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My survey currently has over 100+ questionnaires which will be delivered at random. Each questionnaire has 2 pages. However, I would like for the questionnaire to have a 3rd & 4th page which are essentially the second page of the 100+ surveys chosen at random.

So, page 1 and 2 of each questionnaire remains the same and page 3 & 4 of the same questionnaire should have the second page extracted from the other questionnaires.

I would very much appreciate a solution to this problem.

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Could you go a bit into detail: What is on the 100 pages? I am quite sure, there's a more simple option than creating 100 pages.
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ideally i want to have a choice based questionnaire for 2 products where there are 3 variables with a yes/no possibility for each of the product and then the respondent chooses a price option based on the 3 variables.

I want the respondent to receive a survey where the questionnaire will have random yes/no possibilities and random price options (from 4 price points). So i used HTML coding to create a table that portrays all the possible combination of variables and price options leading me to create 192 surveys and then used random selection.

But now my professor would like for me to have the same random choice making possibility repeated 5 times. so the respondent would have to make different decisions for different variable-price options 5 times.

I really hope theres a simpler solution to this.


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I strongly recommend to solve this with a random generator or a urn. Although the urn solution is more efficient for combinations of (in this case) 3 factors, the random generator is more straightforward.

So, please create a random generator with 192 codes, e.g. 111 for a "no" in each of the three factors, 112 for a "yes" in the last one etc. Should be easy, using Excel.

The you need a bit PHP-Code to extract the three codes:

$code = value('RG01');
$factor1 = $code{0};
$factor2 = $code{1};
$factor3 = $code{2};

And finally use some placeholders to replace the 3 factors in ONE text element. I am convienced that this solution is more reliable and robust then using 100 pages. Here's an example code for one factor:

if ($factor1 == 1) {
  replace('%text1%', 'Cat');
} elseif ($factor1 == 2) {
  replace('%text1%', 'Dog');
} else {
  replace('%text1%', 'Mouse');
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