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I created a Random Generator A103 with same keys as before in A101

1 = EmployeeInfoDeck 1
2 = EmployeeInfoDeck 2
3 = EmployeeInfoDeck 3
4 = EmployeeInfoDeck 4

Now when i use $deck = value('A103');

after the questionnaire ends, i see the Drawn Yet box still shows

1: 0
2: 0
3: 0
4: 0

Could you please let me know why this discrepancy is happening ?

I also created a new PHP code as i created 10 separate questions. Below is the code.


in SoSci Survey (English) by s075828 (290 points)
Sorry this is the code:

$deck = value('A103');
$i = loopPage(10);
$textID = 'EmployeeInfo'.$deck.sprintf('%03d', $i + 1);
$qID = 'A1'.sprintf('%02d', $i + 4);
// Display question and text - like before
$data = dbGet($textID);
$text = $data[0];

1 Answer

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Please check that "Type of drawing" is set to one of the "Equally distributed" options. If you have chosen "Equally distributed in finished interviews", please make sure that you reach the "last page" to have a count in the random generator.

Please note, that drawings will not be counted in debugging/preview mode (see variable MODE in teh interview), if the survey is already online (=survey administration period has begun).

by SoSci Survey (238k points)