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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am conducting a survey using soscisurvey.de platform. I would like to propose a lottery for my participants and I would like to increase the chances of winning when they share the survey on their facebook timeline. I am looking for ways to track those that actually shared. I was wondering whether it would be possible to embed a button like "share on facebook" on the last page of the survey. Would that be possible?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
Kotryna Stupnianek

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It's quite easy to create the HTML code for sharing, and include it on the last page:
Facebook Share Button

But: You should keep in mind that this may be a violation of privacy laws. Because, if you include the "share" button, data (the user's IP and referer) is already transfered to Facebook. That means that Facebook knows that this person has doen the survey, even if they do not click the button! You may have to add additional information in your questionnaire to comply to the law.

There are workarounds that require two clicks on the Facebook button avoiding the above problem. Yet, you'll have to do some research on this to do it right.

And: So far, you have not registered whether people clicked the button. That can be done with JavaScript and an internal variable - to some degree. What you can track is he first click, but not the one on the button itself.

We have a introduction on how to record button clicks, but it has not been translated to English yet: Klick zu externer Website aufzeichnen.

Finally, you should be aware that asking people to give away some of their privacy to get a reward (better changes) may be an ethical issue. Therefore, I advise against this practice, and won't post detailed JavaScript code to implement this.

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