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As a prerequisite to use a questionnaire from a publisher in soscisurvey, we received the following statement:
Der Nutzer versichert weiterhin, dass der elektronische Fragebogen über einen Kopier- und Downloadschutz und über einen Printschutz (welcher das Ausdrucken des Fragebogens verhindert) verfügt.

in english:
The user confirms that the questionnaire that is implemented in soscisurvey will have a copy, download and print (to prevent from printing the questionnaire) protection .

Wha would be your current suggestion in sosci survey to achieve or fulfill these prerequisites.
Is this recommendatiosn still state of the art or what you would recommend??


Thank you for your response.

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Well, state of the art is what compamies and professionals do ... and when it comes to copy protection, one might argue that they have no really effective measures to protect texts. This would probably render the paragraph ineffective, should there ever be a trial about that. Trying to give the users all the responsibility is exactly that: A nice try.

There are some measures to make it harder for most users to print content:
Restrict Print Function

Knowledgable users will know how to circumvent these measures. And there are no known measures that would restrict anyone from just taking a photo from the screen. That's state of the art.

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