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I am setting up a study in which we want to provide participants with their study ID which they can use to register in another platform we are using for the study, for the sake of linking data from both platforms.

For the sake of the study, it is not necessary for us as researchers to know the link between participants' email addresses and their IDs, so we would like to keep it pseudonymized.

My question: is it possible to provide participants their study ID (within the questionnaire or in an email) while keeping ourselves blind to the link between email adress and participant ID?

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The easiest way is to use the CASE number as unique ID:

This is your ID: %caseNumber%

Of course, that's quite easy to "hack", i.e., someone might just try different numbers.

So, you could also ass some confusion:

This is your ID: 3%caseNumber%472

Or if your respondents have a SERIAL, you may also use that:

This is your ID: %caseSerial%

And then you can also use completely differen IDs: Display individual codes or voucher codes

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can you please elaborate on this where we can add this?
by SoSci Survey (312k points)
You can simply put the placeholders into any text (List of questions -> section -> add text), or you can add an "HTML code" element to the questionnaire. In that case, you should add some <p>...</p> around the content.
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i didn't get you where i can put i want to put this in first page can you please send some screenshot to get better understanding.
by SoSci Survey (312k points)
> i want to put this in first page

Okay, did you read the manual on how to put text on the first page (or anywhere else)?

Just use such a text and write the placeholder %caseNumber% there, wherever you want the number to appear.

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