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In the questionnaire participants have to answer 3 questions correctly before they can continue. If they answer 1 or more wrongly they are being redirected to the previous page in order to reread the vignette.
I tried with filters but they appear not to work in the intended ways.

How can I do that?

Cheers for help!

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As you have not ststed what kind of filters (PHP or question) you have tried, I assume, you started with question filters.

This should help solving your problem: Customized Response Check

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Hi there,

thanks for the response.

I already figured how to display an error message if an answer was missing.
However, my situation seems to be a little more complex. I could find a good tutorial for this yet.

Let's give an example:
a) incorrect
b) correct
c) incorrect

The participant answers b. Perfect, then s(he) can continue.
The participant answers c. An error message will popup with "are you sure? please re-read the previous page". consequently, the participant will be redirected to the previous page and has to answer the questions again.
The whole page is a situation comprehension test after the participant has read a situation on the previous page. all answers need to be answered correctly in order to be elegible to do the survey.

How can I do that?
by SoSci Survey (290k points)
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