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Hey everyone,

I have a multi-country project. While in most countries only one language is spoken, we also include Belgium where we offer two languages (Flemish and French). Therefore, I want to give the respondents the possibility to select between those two languages. However, they should not have the possibility to select from all other languages as questionnaires are customized to the respective country (e.g. local brandlists). Is their a way to limit the selection of languages?
If not
I can easily copy the project, delete unnecessary languages and include only the needed once. However, it would be great to still have the labels in English too ease up the data merge. Is their a possibility for that?

Thanks and best regards

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Well, you can easily create a selection question with all available languages as options (consider using the card layout for the selection), and a PHP filter on the next page to switch to the respective language:

$code = value('SE01');
if ($code == 1) {
} elseif ($code == 2) {
} elseif ($code == 3) {
} ...

Now that you have created a custom language selection, tell the questionnaire always to start in English (or whatever).

Finally mark your links with a reference, so that SoSci SUrvey knows in which language the respondents are, and use another PHP filter on the first page to show the language selection with the respective language options, or skip to the next page.

$ref = reference();
if ($ref = 'ger') {
  question('SE01', [3,4]);
} elseif ($ref = 'fre') {
  question('SE01', [5,6]);
} elseif ($ref = 'ita') {
} ...
by s215219 (145 points)
Thanks! Works perfectly!

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