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Is there any way to know the number of participants who selected the button to cancel the interview and delete the record? I have 1,300 clicks and 500 finished questionnaires. A number of participants left in the middle of the interview, but I'd like to distinguish the one who selected the button from the ones who simply exited their browser.
Many thanks

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The only way to count deleted cases is telling the survey project (in the privacy section) to store void cases, i.e., cases where not even the first "next" button was clicked.

If you did not change this options, there is no way to distinguish if a case was deleted because it was void (just opened the URL of the questionnaire) or if the "delete" button was used.

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Ok! I think I got it!
The void interviews are the ones with LASTPAGE = 0 and the "delete button" cases are not counted in "interviews total", so in my case I have 1,200 interviews and 100 people who used to delete button... The 500 finished interviews reached the last page and the other 700 are a mix between clicks and leaving half-way. Do these numbers make sense to you?

Moreover, could you explain why my cases start at #586 instead of #1? Where are the first 500?
by SoSci Survey (315k points)
Sounds reasonable :)

>  could you explain why my cases start at #586 instead of #1? Where are the first 500?

Most likely you deleted all the test and development data before going online. SoSci Survey will not reset the CASE counter when you delete data, to give you a unique ID für each record in your dataset. Imagine, you opened your old test data accidently, and wondered why cae 20 is suddenly incomplete, although you knew it was complete (when you worked with the actual data)...
by s219203 (310 points)
Makes sense!
Thank you for your help!

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