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I am conducting a vignette experiment with 54 vignettes blocked into 18 decks, with each deck containing 3 different vignettes. I have already prepared these decks using a different software.
This means that the (decks of) vignettes are already randomized and prepared for implementation in the survey.
How do I implement these vignettes in SoScu Survey?

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Depends a bit on how your vignettes look like, but start with a look here:
Multifactorial Experimental Design

You will probably draw vignettes instead of factor values. Any you will need a bit PHP code to who the appropriate content for each of your vignettes. If you tell more about them, I shall be able to get more precise.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I will give you more information about my study design and try to order the steps I have taken so far:
My vignettes are text only (no pictures etc.). I have created a random generator and an internal variable.

My vignette universe contains 54 different vignettes. Does this mean that  I have to create 54 "Zettel (Inhalte)" within the random generator because I have 54 different combinations of possible values? I have also added the text content of the vignettes to each "Zettel". How do I then access the  text content in my survey?

Or do I need to create 54 individual text items that I can later access with PHP code, e.g.:

if (value('E101') == 1) {
} else {
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If you're using SoSci SUrvey with the German user interface, I recommend asking the questions in German, too :)

> My vignettes are text only (no pictures etc.).

Fine. Did you already create 54 texts in the list of questions ("Fragenkatalog")?

This will likele be the most straigt-forward approach, although other venues would be possible.

> My vignette universe contains 54 different vignettes.

Yes, but you already wrote that you have only 54 / 3 = 18 decks, i.e., you display one of the decks in each interview, right? So you would only use 18 codes in the random generator, for example:

1 = TX01, TX02, TX03
2 = TX04, TX05, TX06
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Sorry for that, since the study design was originally done in  English, I am still used to it...

Anyway thanks again for the answer!

1) Yes, I now have 54 texts in the list of questions.
2) Yes, you are right. I need 18 decks of 3 vignettes each. However, if I include the texts as you suggest in your example (1 = TX01, TX02, TX03, which are the names of my questions I created in the Fragenkatalog), I do not know how to incorporate them in the final survey ("Fragebogen zusammenstellen"). What PHP code can I use to include the text of my vignettes in the survey?
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> What PHP code can I use to include the text of my vignettes in the survey?

First, you drag the random generator into your questionnaire, and then you use value(..., 'csv') to get the text IDs drawn for this interview:

$textIDs = value('RG01', 'csv');

Now you can show the first text on the first page:

$textIDs = value('RG01', 'csv');

And the seocnd text on the second page

$textIDs = value('RG01', 'csv');

And ... well, you get the idea.
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Thanks again, I really appreciate your answers, they helped me a lot!
I have now successfully added my vignettes to the survey.

Very last questions:
I am now using "systematische Ziehung (sequenzielle Verteilung reihum)" so that each respondent gets a deck of 3 vignettes. For 18 decks, I need 18 respondents. It starts with deck 1, deck 2, deck 3, ...

However, is it possible to
1) assign a random deck to each respondent (random order of decks) and
2) randomize the order of the three vignettes within each deck?
3) if I have more than 18 respondents, I assume the procedure repeats in the same logic?
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> 1) assign a random deck to each respondent (random order of decks)

I would not suggest the systematic drawing in your case, but use the evenly-drawn random drawing. That is also the default in the random generator.

> 2) randomize the order of the three vignettes within each deck?

Depends on how you present them. Maybe this is the easiest option in your case: https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/doku.php/de:create:rotation-pages

> 3) have more than 18 respondents

Definitely :)
by s244541 (140 points)
Not surprisingly, these were the right steps for my ideas ;-) Everything worked out very well - thanks for that!

Actually, there is one more point that comes to my mind: Instead of adding texts with PHP code like this:

Random generator, deck 1 (as an example):
01 = TX1, TX2, TX3

Using the following PHP code
$textIDs = value('E101', 'csv');

Is it also possible to add questions to each vignette text that I have already created in the random generator?

Random generator, deck 1 (incl. text and question):
01 = TX1, QS1, TX2, QS2, TX3, QS3

Can I also include the questions in the PHP code above?
by SoSci Survey (316k points)
Sure, just take two each time :)

$textIDs = value('RG01', 'csv');

$textIDs = value('RG01', 'csv');

But make sure to actually place text and question IDs in the random generator, i.e. QS01 instead of QS1.

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