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Please help! This is shown in the "ITEMS" section

If this text does not disappear, JavaScript is disabled of the
question dod not load correctly.

Tip: For more item or option settings (e.g. size, input field for
"other", etc.), click on the item on the left in the questionnaire or
on the E symbol next to the item.

So I checked Javascript, and it is correcty able. So why the questions with new items can not be saved???? why I can not edit/save new items?? I click on save after typping them but they are not saved.

Thanks for helpingme

closed with the note: The issue was caused by a software bug that was resolved in version 3.4.02
by SoSci Survey (316k points)
That looks like either (a) a defect version of the SoSci library is in the browser cache - if it works in another brower, clearing the original's browser cache should help or (b) something is very wrong with the question, but in that case, any other question should work. Can we rule out one of those possibilities?
by SoSci Survey (316k points)
And another question: Do you work on www.soscisurvey.de or an a local survey server?
by s223693 (110 points)
is a KIT survey server (local in karlsruhe)
by s223693 (110 points)
I did your (a) suggestion. Now i can edit items manually but i can still not Import items directly.

When I go to Import items, I see this:

Direct input allows you to import several items or options at once. This can be useful if you copy items from a template (e.g. text document).

Please write each item or option in a separate line.
here I tried to paste my items, for instance:

B1)...principalmente asignados al usuario/generador de residuos y aguas residuales
B2)...principalmente asignados a empresas privadas
B3)...principalmente asignados a las autoridades (ya sean locales o regionales)

then there are two sosci buttons:
Delete the current items/options before inserting the new ones (I clicked this one usually)
Prefix the items with continuation points (this sosci option appeared just last Saturday, I also tried clicking and not clicking this option, any way it does not help)

I click finally saved my changes, but nothing is saved, no items imported.

before in the last months I did not have this problem. This happens since Saturday with all questions.
Please help!
by SoSci Survey (316k points)
I assume that the change in behavior may be related to an update of SoSci Survey. However, it is a very strange behavior that other changes in the question are saved (are they?) but not the items from the "direct import".

As told via phone, we do not have access to the KIT survey server. Please try another import and note down the exact time. Then contact the IT team of the KIT (send the email CC info@soscisurvey.de) to check the SoSci Survey error logs for entries at this time. If they find some, they shall forward them to info@soscisurvey.de, so we can find out what's going wrong.

An option that I can offer, if you need the option at the moment: Create an account on www.soscisurvey.de, copy the existing project there (https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/doku.php/de:general:copy-project), do the changes, and when you're done, copy the new project back. However what out not to overwrite the new changes - import/export can be dangerous if the projects have the same name, and one does not look very closely.

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