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I am experiencing an issue with PHP coding and filtering questions that I am unable to solve. Specifically, when certain answers to my questionnaire are submitted, a question is shown that should not be shown. What’s strange is that the question appears after a question that the question is actually placed before, so under no circumstances should the question appear in the order that it does. In an attempt to remedy the problem, I inserted a filter, but that seems to have no impact. I have been struggling with this issue for hours and would very much benefit from meeting with someone in person to resolve the issue.

Such assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Kellie Jones

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Well, if you're in Munich near the Chinese Towerer, I can come over.

Otherwise, there's areally good manual on how to solve such issues:
Solving Questionnaire Problems

And when you post more details about your filter and the debug information, we shall be able to give helpful information on the problem. Also be sure to check the top 3 problems when creating filters: Problem solution for filters

by s093213 (140 points)
I would really appreciate that. I can be at the GSI today after 2 PM (3 PM would be ideal) or on Monday between 1:30 and 3:00 PM, do either of those times work?
by SoSci Survey (312k points)
Monday 13:30 is fine. But not at the GSI but on the other side of the building, room A013.
by s093213 (140 points)
Great. I will be there at 13:30. Could you be more specific about which building you mean? It is possible for you to give me your name and the building's address? Looking forward to meeting you! Thank you!
by SoSci Survey (312k points)
It's still the GSI building (Oettingestr. 67).
by SoSci Survey (312k points)
PS: I do not find the question with the dropdown + "other" any more that showed the input for "other" all the time. Did you remove that?

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