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Hello. I have a data on affect grid and facing problems interpreting it. Even though there are two internal data columns on valence and arousal, somehow that data was collected inconsistently. What I have consistent data on is the graphic marking, which looks like this: 233,59,1 or 311,181,1 etc.
Could you help me interpreting the data into 1-9 Likert Scale?

Thanks in advance :)

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What I have consistent data on is the graphic marking

These are X-Y-coordinates on the underlying image. The third factor is always 1, as you have only one possible marker to place.

The X-coordinates correlate to the valence dimension with 1=Unpleasent
Feelings, 9=Pleasent Feelings. Encoded in the _01 variable.

The Y-coordinates negatively correlate to the arousal dimension with 1=low arousal and 9=high arousal, stored in the _02 variable. The upper row is a small Y coordinate, but the highest value for arousal.

So 180,59,1 is a bit right from the middle (valence=6) on a scale between 0 and 361, and 59 is close to the top, that is arousal=8.

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Firstly, thanks a lot for the fast reply.
So if I understood correctly, the logic is that one square equals to 40. This fits with the example you mentioned with the coordinate of 180,59,1 (I suppose you meant the bottom part of Y-axis with arousal=2 being 59).
However, I am still confused since this logic does not fit with another example coordinates I checked from my data.
For example, the coordinate 216,227,1 is on my data valence = 4 and arousal = 2
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Sorry for the confusion, I stated a wrong value for arousal in my answer, and have corrected that now (it is the 2nd row, but value 8). As the text says, the top of the matrix has the Y-coordinate zero, but the highest arousal value 9.
by s161308 (120 points)
Thanks again for the clarification! :)

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