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The photos in my stimulus are currently not displayed correctly on mobile phone. I integrated the photos with the following code:

style="text-align: center"; ><img src="Tabak2.jpg" style ="max-width: 100%" alt="Meme 1 zur Tabakinitiative"

I was hoping that the command style ="max-width: 100%" would change the problem, but nothing changed.

My questionnaire can be found here: www.soscisurvey.de/pretestmemes/

Thank you!

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What is the correct HTML code? It seems you have postet two half tags?
by s198595 (110 points)
I used the following code

<p style="text-align: center"; ><img src="Tabak2.jpg" style ="max-width: 100%" alt="Meme 1 zur Tabakinitiative"></p>
by SoSci Survey (297k points)
Looks good so far - except maybe for the whitespace between "style" and the equal-sign (=). The image should not lap over the quationnaire. What does it actually do? Would you like to post a pretest link directly (!) to the respective page?

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Thanks for the pretest URL.

It seems that you have a little typo in max-with: 100%, it has to be max-width: 100% (missing the d).

by s198595 (110 points)
Thanks for your help! All good now.

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