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0 votes

If the interview has 66 Points of RS DEG_TIME, what means this result?

in Datenauswertung by s194082 (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Please note that TIME_RSI is more accurate than DEG_TIME. A DEG_TIME value of 66 means that the response times of that case (measured against the others in the dataset) are inconspicuous. Given a "normal" sample, this case was probably not created by speeding through the questionnaire.

DEG_TIME Negative points for extremely fast completion. This value is normed in such way that values of more than 100 points indicate low-quality data. Data quality, however, is no dichotomous attribute. If you prefer a more strict filtering, a threshold of 75 or even 50 points may as well be useful as a threshold of 200 for more liberal filtering. Note, that TIME_RSI is a more elaborate indicator for fast responding.


by SoSci Survey (233k points)