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0 votes

Our licence expired, we have payed for the new licence, it is already visible in the system but the payment is not confirmed yet. How long does it take to confirm payment? We badly need the data, please answer.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s156737 (150 points)
edited by SoSci Survey

1 Answer

0 votes

As explained yesterday by e-mail, the payment has not yet been received in our account.Payment transfers in the SEPA area should be transferred within 1-2 bank working days - a bank working day here corresponds to 2 working days (Monday to Friday). If the payment was instructed on Thursday 11.11., then the amount will probably arrive on our account on Monday or Tuesday.

The invoice was issued more than 2 weeks ago and the payment is therefore overdue. We have now unlocked the data download for you as a courtesy.

by SoSci Survey (825 points)