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Dear Members/Moderatore

I have designed a questionnaire for 24 of my panel members, i want to send an individual link to each of these participants so that i can trace and contact the ones, who have not participated in the survey. In order to do so, i have generated 24 authorization codes in invitation mailings-->authorization codes.
However, i could not generate 24 invdividual URL's to my panelists. Also, I could not understand the procedure mentioned under this link
I want to send the URL Link via outlook to my penl members
Can someone please help me,
Thanks in advance.

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If you'd like to use access codes, you just have to attach them to the URL with an s=
URL to the Questionnaire -> Delivering a serial (s)

You may also want to give the mailing feature a look - it makes things much easier, incl. tracking.

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