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when designing my survey I have came across the following issue:

When I open the pre-test of the survey in Safari, I can see the full scale of my survey.

But, when I open it on Chrome or with my smartphone, I cant see the complete label (I am using a 7-point Likert Scale)

Could you help me sort this out?

Thanks in advance


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Possibly you have exceeded the limits of the layout, taking up more space (in the horizontal direction).

When considering mobile devices, please change the display mode of the questions to "dynamic", see Questionnaires for Smartphones.

Often it's also useful to give the layout more space (width), see Survey Layouts

And it's also often a good idea to check if width definitions in the questions use sensible values.

If that does not solve your issue, feel free to post a pretest URL leading directly (!) to the questionnaire page that causes the issues.

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