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I am trying to convert an array into a string to be safed in an internal variable with implode()

The string is correctly safed under "collected data", still I get an error message and the survey is disrupted.

    // Seitenkennungen als Array speichern, E als Block mit restlichen Seiten rotieren
if (!isset($rotation)) {
    $rotation = array(
                'A' => 'Problem',
                'B' => 'Effort',
                'C' => 'Governmental',
                'D' => 'EnvConcern',
                'E' => array('AttCheck1','Scene','ThirdP','AttCheck2',)
// Ergebnis noch als Seitenabfolge festlegen
// Seitenabfolge in interner Variable abspeichern
    put('CO03_01', implode(',', $rotation));

// Weiter soll es anschließend mit Seite 'Demographics' gehen
setPageOrder($rotation, 'Demographics');
closed with the note: Unfortunaltey, no additional information was given to allow for a qualified solution.
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What is the exact error message, please?
by s021792 (155 points)
sorrry for the late response, abonded this and decided that it was not important to save the order

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