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I have uploaded my audio files with protected formatting. I will share my survey openly – without password – on Facebook and other media where anyone can access the link if they have it.

I read somewhere that protected audio files are restricted in some way. I thought this was only to prevent downloading and such. But will the protected audio files prevent the public from playing the files?

If I have to remove the protection, is there an easier way than reuploading? I have at least 70 audio files...

Thank you!

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I read somewhere that protected audio files are restricted in some way.

Yes, they won't be protected, if there was no restriction ;)

The restriction means: Only people filling out the questionnaire can access the file. They cannot share the link to the media file (which one can retrieve from the HTML source code of the questionnaire page) on the Internet, because it will become invalid after few minutes.

This saves you from the situation where a lawyer comes and says that you have been publishing the audio file on the Internet, although you had only a written consent that you are entitled to publish the audio file as part of your questionnaire.

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