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I am tring to find another way (rather than directly asking people for their worker IDs). Do you have any code that could enable that? I saw that it was done automatically in Qualtrics, but I'm wondering if it's the case for SosciSurvey. Thank you in advance!

in SoSci Survey (English) by s139639 (210 points)

1 Answer

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The most recent information from the Amazon API documentation was that the worker ID is not published automatically. The official information from Amazon is:

To verify that Workers actually complete your survey, require each Worker to enter a unique survey completion code to your HIT. Consult with your survey service provider on how to generate this code at the end of your survey.

This is also what Qualtrics explains on their website:

And there are also instructions on the Internet that say that you need to ask for the WorkerID in Qualtrics as well: https://jessicaeblack.org/research/tips-on-using-mturk-with-qualtrics/

We will evaluate the options to circumvent this necessity by using the MTurk developer options. Should you have any different information (about MTurk or Qualtrics), please let us know.

by SoSci Survey (154k points)