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Dear SoSci,
I am a PhD student working on the cognitive science of the moving image. I was wondering if it is possible to directly embed 150MB audiovisual files into the Survey, or whether it is necessary to upload them onto Youtube and include them as hyperlinks? Also, which Server/Payment Plan would you recommend for 1.8GB worth of AV stimuli (if it is possible to embed directly into the Survey) and a minimum population sample of 500? Thank you very much.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s155891 (115 points)

1 Answer

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We can offer additional storage on s2survey.net, but as the storage is secured by a multi-layered backup (usually intended for uploaded material from respondents), it comes at a price of 49 € plus tax per additional GB (available for max. 1 year). It may be possible to have 2 GB for 49 € if you need the storage for less than 6 months.

Another option is to store the files on a university server and simply embed them via HTTPS URL.

To use s2survey.net you will need a commercial licence. How many respondents will "minimum population sample of 500" likely be?

by SoSci Survey (139k points)
Thank you for your swift response. I think I will use the Youtube link strategy, rather than actually uploading each file. For the population sample - 600 would be good.