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We have a survey on s2survey.net.

Under Invitation Mailings > List of Contacts there is a message saying "This server will send up to 5000 emails within 24 hours". It also says "Use an SMTP server to send emails to bypass this limitation".

My question is: Is there a way to send more than 5000 emails within 24 hours without using our own SMTP server? For example, is there an extra package we can buy for that?

Many thanks

in SoSci Survey (English) by s139455 (180 points)

1 Answer

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My question is: Is there a way to send more than 5000 emails within 24 hours without using our own SMTP server?

We introduced this limitation after a single project had sent out a substantial number of emails - and a good share was invalid. That caused an important mail provider to lock out SoSci Survey for 48 hours. In that time no other project was able to send emails to people having their email account there.

What we can do is to clear the limit manually. Please just send us an email, then we can talk about the details.

by SoSci Survey (136k points)
That's good news, thank you. Do you know how much time it will take (approximately) to send around 30,000 emails?
That depends on the respondents' mailservers. I would guess about one hour, or two?
Ok, that's fine. How about if we want to spread the emails over three days, so that we send around 10,000 emails/day. Can this be done automatically, or we need to divide the contact list in batches of 10,000 addresses and then send three separate emails manually? (I see we can configure the number of emails per minute but it seems this applies in the case of own SMTP server only?)
I recommend that you just start sending all 30k mails and send us an email to info@soscisurvey.de. I will then clear the limit for your project every 30 minutes (or so), and SoSci should automatically resume sending further mails then. By the end of the (work) day, all emails should be out.

I will also check the database for how many email addresses are invalid. If I understood you correctly, you used a single-opt-in,no double-opt-in, meaning that some addresses will be invalid. If that exceeds let's say 500 addresses, it may be necessary to postpone further mails to the next day in order not to trigger spam shutdowns.
Yes, we used single-opt-in.

One of the email invitations we are planning to send will include a link to another application where we present the data from the 1st wave using visualisations. We don't want to send hundreds of users to this application at the same time, to avoid performance issues.This is one of the reasons we are considering 10k emails per day.
I can only reset the mail limit once per day. Mailings are valid for 2 days. That means, you may have to re-send it on the third day. This is no problem, as those addresses who already got the mailing will not get it, again.
Hello, I sent an email yesterday in relation to this. Could you please have a look, it's quite urgent. The email was sent to Dominik with subject "Mailings".

Many thanks
Sorry ... I am on it, now.